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Unfortunately, there is a ridiculous amount of paperwork required every time you check in and out of Chile so we seemed to spend hours over the course of the next few days stuck in Offices either completing Customs or Immigration Forms or dealing with the Chilean Armada / Argentinian Naval Prefectura.

We had to check out of Chile and into Argentina to collect Malcolm, then out of Argentina and back into Chile to enable us to head further South.

We left PW on the 2nd January 2011 for the final leg of our Cape Horn adventure and made good progress to Caleta Lennox arriving at about 9pm where we tucked into a full Sunday Roast. It seemed a bit surreal eating and drinking only 45 miles away from the Cape but we were quite excited at finally being so close especially as the forecast of light North winds looked good for the following day but with strong Westerlies following through in a couple of days.

We had an early start on the 3rd with all crew eagerly on deck at 4.15am with a light SouthWesterly breeze (not the Northerly as expected – typical !!). Having Malc on board was a real treat as the extra pair of hands made everything so much quicker. We had the Main sail hoisted before Roger had even finished stowing the anchor…

At 2pm we hoisted our Spinnaker (Asymmetric) and sailed West past the infamous, formidable "Black Rock".

Desolate old place really...

Roger jumping for joy...

Whilst Monty remained totally unimpressed with all the excitement...

Big smiles all round...

Even from Monty...

Getting a bit blowier as the day wore on...

We had made it.....

After years of anticipation, we had sailed around Cape Horn on our own Yacht. We had travelled 1,454 miles South from Puerto Montt specifically for this achievement and we were on a high… wow !!! Needless to say, we downed another of Ian & Maggy’s Bottles of Champagne that evening to celebrate being official Cape Horners…

We now had to get Malc to Ushuaia in time for his flight back to the UK. We stopped off at Puerto Toro on Isla Navarino which is the Southernmost Village (and road!!) in the World.

Then it was off to Puerto Williams to complete yet more paperwork before sailing up the Beagle Channel to Ushuaia arriving on 6th January. Malc left us on the 8th and we enjoyed some ‘retail therapy’ for a few days in Ushuaia having not seen a High Street since leaving Puerto Montt !!!

We still couldn’t quite believe that we had been lucky enough to get the right winds to round Cape Horn with our "Kite" flying especially from East to West (which is quite unusual). Malc was certainly impressed that we had managed it within his limited timeframe. We really had perfect timing for once with regard to the weather as we subsequently heard that another OCC yacht (Nereida) had tried to round the Horn two days after us and had suffered a ‘knockdown’, broken her boom and limped into Ushuaia to await repairs.

So, after all this excitement, what were the plans for our next big adventure ?